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Seabreeze Physical Therapy is a private practice owned by a physical therapist devoted to one on one personal care. Our goal at Seabreeze physical therapy is to provide an environment of healing and relief from pain and dysfunction. Our professional staff includes licensed Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants who are committed to providing the highest quality of personal care for patients. We pride ourselves in the use of the most up to date equipment and techniques available. 

Seabreeze Physical Therapy provides one on one therapy that includes manual techniques and the use of various modalities for pain relief, muscle re-education and improved function. Treatment is provided in our private treatment rooms and progresses into our fully equipped gym as strength improves. 

Our therapist's positive attitude and enthusiastic personality contribute greatly to a patient's recovery. Schedules are arranged so that close supervision of each patient can occur, reinforcing individual care as well as the customized program necessary for complete rehabilitation.We are providers for most major insurance companies, including Medicare, and Florida Workers' Compensation. For more information regarding your specific insurance plan, please contact us. 

Serving the Tampa Bay area.

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Does foot pain and numbness have you off balance?

Do you or someone you know suffer from foot pain and tingling? Have you become more afraid of loosing you balance or falling? Have you been told you have something called Peripheral Neuropathy? If you have answered yes to any of the above questions you could benefit from Infrared Light Therapy. Recent research has proven that infrared light therapy has improved circulation and sensation associated with peripheral neuropathy. As sensation and circulation increases physical therapy can progress with strengthening and balance activities to improve walking and restore confidence.

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